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Opioid Abuse Awareness and Prevention

On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Dennis Southers, M.S.E.D CSAC,CPS Educator and Patricia Crumrine: M.S.E.D Educator from the city of Virginia Beach, to talk about substance abuse and how Covid 19 affected consumption.

Overcoming Addiction Using Fitness

An addiction is an incredibly powerful thing to break. This leaves us coming up with innovative ways to try and beat addiction. On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected we welcome Rob Best, the creator of The Barbell Saves Project.

Transparency with Therapy and Mental Health

It’s becoming more and more prevalent that public figures are being open and honest when it comes to their mental health struggles. This is helping the subject of mental health to be a lot less “taboo” than it used to be. J.D. Durkin, host of “None of the Above with J.D. Durkin” and anchor of Cheddar News, joins Dr. Fedrick on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected to open up about his mental health journey.

Enneagram Personality Types and Relationships

People are all so unique, that when they come together to form a relationship- it can spell disaster! Enter Dave Glaser- a relationship coach, and host of “The Challenger Podcast.” He joins Dr. Liz on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected to talk about the enneagram and how it relates to relationships.

A Look at Lipedema

On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Dr. Thomas Su, M.D, Dr. Thomas Su, is the owner and cosmetic surgeon of Artistic Lipo. Dr. Su began his medical career in internal medicine, practicing that until 2005, when he began to provide a full spectrum of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Ellis on Nutrition and Mental Health

We all know that it’s really easy to start to snack on our favorite comfort foods when we are feeling stressed. But why do we do it? Dr. Erin Ellis joins Dr. Fedrick on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected to shed some light on the topic of nutrition, and how it plays a role in our mental health.

Rewiring Your Brain with Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology is defined as “the assembly of methods and instruments that enable a direct connection of technical components with the nervous system.” But what in the world does that have to do with our mental health?! Dr. Fedrick chats with Toby Pasman, a neurophysiology researcher, on this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected.

Mental Wealth with Justin Little

Mental health and wellness have long been stigmatized topics when it comes to candidly sharing personal truths. But people like our guest today are helping to change that! Today on Calm, Cool and Connected we are joined by Justin Little- one of the hosts of “The Mental Wealth Podcast."

The Benefits of Temple Massage

On this episode of We are Living Healthy, Alexis is joined by Joe Meisch , President -of Meisch Temple Massager, Inc. They talk about why and how Joe created Temple Massager and who needs this device. In September of 1997, Joe was nearing the end of his military career as a Combat Engineer and college student and was under heavy stress. He started to develop pain in his lower jaw area, began to poke and prod at his facial muscles with his sunglasses, and he decided that he needed to buy a temple massager immediately. But such a device did not exist. That is why he creates this amazing product!

Weight Loss and Mental Health

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy! That is a direct quote from our guest from this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected. Hollywood's Papa Joe Aviance is a successful entrepreneur, recording artist, and a two-time Amazon Best-Selling author. He lost 250 pounds by shutting himself in his apartment and dieting on a $21/day budget!
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