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Living 757 – Episode 104

On this episode of Living 757.... We visit Boing Drive-Through Restaurant, we interview nationally recognized comedian Henry Cho via Skype and play the Valverde Law games! Also, Sylvia Hutson, more comedians than you can fit on a stage and local artist Legin performs in the studio! Don't miss this special episode of Living 757! https://vimeo.com/364893862

Hometown Heroes- Episode 108

They conduct search and rescue, save lives and help people in distress. They protect property and keep our ports safe. On this episode of “Hometown Heroes", we spend time with the U.S. Coast Guard. We'll also meet heroes who make differences on the pier at Buckroe Beach, in the surf at Virginia Beach and...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 505

When nothing fit their very specific needs, first time home owners Lisa and LaMont Henry turned to Closet Factory. Tune in to see how Designer Tamra navigated the couple's vision, budget and many last minute changes to create the perfect custom dry bar. Also on this episode, we meet the owners of family-owned Chesapeake...

Hometown Heroes – Episode 107

On this episode of Hometown Heroes we meet people who inspire us to be the best we can be every day. One man, who says he has 25 sons, brings hope and joy to young men on the football field and to their moms. We'll get to know a family whose hope is renewed...

Hometown Heroes- Episode 106

Join us as we visit Fort Story in Virginia Beach, the home of the first federal construction project authorized by President George Washington after the Revolutionary War. We'll meet a group of medical professionals who have created a way for more people to have access to medical care. As we take a trip on...

Hometown Heroes – Shutdown 757 Falcons

In 2016, Antoine Bethea and Elton Brown's vision was to expose our student-athletes to NFL related practices on the field and to equip them with tutoring and mentoring initiatives that position their football and cheer participants for life-long success. For three seasons now, Shutdown 757 Falcons continue to make that dream come to life...

Hometown Heroes: Marine Air Facility

In Quantico of July 1918, two kite balloons were flown to search artillery fire; thus beginning Aviation. Today, Marine Corps Air Facility in Quantico executes a "no fail" mission to support HMX-1 and their Presidential lift mission. The MCAF did not begin until after World War 1 when they realized they could do more than...

Apollo 12 Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In 1969, America did something no country has ever done before....achieving the first ever moon landing. We now celebrate Apollo's 50th Anniversary this year since that grand historic day!! We not only celebrate this historical inspiration, but also the ones who were involved; the magnificent contributions of NASA Langley and all of the NASA...

Hometown Heroes: Holocaust Remembrance

1945. The Final Solution. What a tragic time in history; not just to Germany, but the entire world. The Holocaust is one of the most painful and heartbreaking events in our history that we hope to never relive and never forget. Holocaust survivor, Nicole Yancey, spoke about her personal experience during the Holocaust and how...

Hometown Heroes: Marine Corps Air Facility

Fort Story is a training facility for the Marines, Army and Navy here in Virginia. It is for "logistic-over-the-shore" operations that train troops into practicing the transfer of military cargo from ship to shore and also on special equipment used. By using dunes, beaches, deep water anchorage, different tide conditions and more, there are...
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