Chris Ackerknecht

Tulane's Wes Fritz

The Big Easy Not a Tough Sell for Tulane’s Wes Fritz

When the iconic city your school is located is being one of your biggest recruiting weapons and you can't have in person visits, how do you overcome such an obstacle? Can a virtual visit replace a steaming hot bowl of New Orleans gumbo?
Matthew Bain

Transfers Pushing Limits on Covid Exemption Rules

Iowa was one of the first state's to say "we're playing high school football this fall" As a result, many top level recruits pulled up stakes and relocated to the Hawkeye State. But what about transfer rules? Matthew Bain of the Des Moines Register joins Jeremy on this weeks Podcast for all the legal ramifications and more.
Oscar Rodriquez, JR

The MAC May Be Back for A Football Return in 2020

The MAC was one of the first conferences to announce a stoppage of play in 2020. Well, not so fast. Akron's Inside Linebacker Coach Oscar Rodriquez, Jr. takes us behind the scenes, plus the extension of the 'recruiting dead period' impact.
Rhode Island Head Coach David Cox

Transfer Rule Modifications Bolster URI Ram’s Roster

At the end of a last season, David Cox has some serious holes to fill in his roster. The 3rd year head coach discusses how the new transfer will put his Rams in a position to make a run in 2020-2021.

Bryant’s Jared Grasso Brings a Unique Approach to Landing Talent

He's already made nearly 500 offers in just under 3 years as head coach at Bryant University. For a mid-major, that's a huge number. You'll be surprised to learn what's really behind this unique approach to landing hoop talent.
Tom Konchalski

Legendary Super-Scout Tom Konchalski Hangs Up His Notebook

Super-scout Tom Konchalski invented the mold by which modern basketball recruiting is conducted today. After a 40 year career, Tom recently called it quits. Adam puts his photographic memory to the test in this special podcast.
Roger Cador and Claudell Clark

A Baseball Perspective of Race in Sports with Roger Cador and Claudell Clark

The Upside Podcast continues its' series of the impact of Race on Sports as we welcome coach Roger Cador and Claudell Clark.

A Study of Race in Sports with Missouri Coach Cuonzo Martin

During this period of intense racial discord in America, The Upside has looked at some of the black leaders in the community of sports to give us their perspective on these historic events effecting every corner of our nation. Today we welcome Missouri Coach Cuonzo Martin to the show. Not that long ago the...
Dr. Scott Brooks

A Study of Race in Sports with Dr. Scott Brooks

It's been a historic month of racial tension in America. In light of the tragic death of George Floyd and the recent protests that have gripped the nation, Dr. Scott Brooks joins The Upside podcast with Adam Finkelstein to discuss the impact racial issues have had on coaches, athletes, their families and their communities. This...

The Unglamorous Side of Coaching with UCLA Head Coach Mick Cronin

UCLA Head Coach Mick Cronin's (@CoachMickCronin) journey to the Pac-12 is a great example how being resolute and dedicated to your craft will pay off. When you look at the post-season record of Mick Cronin, it's little wonder why the storied UCLA Bruins would come calling when they faced a coaching vacancy in 2019. ...