Morris Udeze was courted by the likes of Butler and Ohio State but decided to commit to Wichita State thanks in large part to his connection with the Shocker’s coaching staff, specifically Head Coach Gregg Marshall.

“Gregg Marshall’s a funny dude, a good man,” said Udeze “As soon as you step on the court, he’ll tell you the truth, the honest truth, about your game. He’s straightforward, that’s what I love about him.”

Besides the connection he has with Coach Marshall, Udeze credits the opportunity for playing time as a freshman and a campus free of some of the distractions in other cities.

“From the beginning, I knew I was going to go there because I could just stay away from everything and focus on my game and get better. It’s just in an open space. There are no distractions. I can really work on my game without thinking about anything else – just be in my own zone.”

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