2023 Hispanic Heritage Month Programming on YurView

    YurView honors Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring special programming, beginning September 15th through October 16th.

    Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the history, culture, diversity, and contributions of Hispanic, Latino(a), and Latinx and to highlight the important roles they have played in the history of our country.

    This significant month began as a commemorative week, introduced by California Congressman George E. Brown in 1968. Hispanic Heritage Week was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson the same year. In 1988, it was expanded to a month and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan*.

    September 15th was chosen as the first day of the month because it is the anniversary of the Cry of Dolores (early morning, September 16, 1810), which marked the start of the Mexican War of Independence, resulting in independence for the New Spain Colony in 1821*.

    Beginning September 15th through October 16th, we will share a variety of Hispanic Heritage Month programming with you. Below you’ll find a list of compelling programs to watch on your local YurView channel or stream on watch.yurview.com.

    How to watch

    Tune in to your local YurView channel starting September 15th.

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    Photo and “Sharika: Latin Queen” description courtesy of Legacy Distribution

    Shakira, Latin Queen

    Shakira is one of the world’s most idolized pop stars the world has ever seen. Chart-topping albums, number-one singles, and even world-cup anthems, she has inspired fans all over the world with her catchy upbeat sound. She has shown off her Latina heritage to the world and has influenced the sound of music that we hear on the radio today. This documentary follows the dream of the young Colombian songwriter who became the Latin queen of the music industry, this is the story of Shakira.

    📺 Debuts Friday night, September 15th (Check local listings for air times.)

    Photo and “Enrique Iglesias: Latin Love” description courtesy of Legacy Distribution

    Enrique Iglesias: Latin Love

    One of the biggest stars of recent history, Enrique Iglesias, is the man who brought the sexy and exciting sound of Latin Pop to audiences all over the world. He built his musical career from the ground intentionally distancing himself from the shadow of his superstar father: Julio Iglesias. What began as a gamble when Enrique dropped out of university to pursue a music career, quickly paid off. He has achieved hit after hit in both Spanish and English markets and is without question one of the top-selling artists of our time. He has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and massed more than seventeen number-one rankings, was voted as the sexiest singer alive, and has been labeled as the king of Latin pop. This is the story of Enrique Iglesias: Latin Love.

    📺 Debuts Friday night, September 22nd (Check local listings for air times.)

    Photo and “Camila Cabello, Just Jump” description courtesy of Legacy Distribution

    Camila Cabello: Just Jump

    Camilla Cabello is a Cuban American singer and songwriter. She rose to prominence as a member of the group Fifth Harmony formed on The X-Factor USA in 2012. Fast forward to 2019 and she is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet and won many hearts with her talented voice, vibrant charisma, and Latin roots. Camila started as a young, introverted child trying to find her voice only to carve away from the top of international charts with an uprising career. This is her journey to breaking out of her shell, becoming her most authentic and creative self, and emerging as a sensation.

    📺 Debuts Friday night, September 29th (Check local listings for air times.)

    Screengrab courtesy of Legacy Distribution. Source: today.com

    J-Lo From The Block

    Hollywood star, professional dancer, and musician, Jennifer Lopez, took over the entertainment industry in the late 80s. Since the release of her album “On the 6”, J-Lo has released multiple hits quickly becoming an icon in the Latin movement in America. Born in a Latino family, Lopez has represented her Puerto Rican roots, served as a role model for women in the USA, and with various endeavors in her career, she is one of the most successful Latina artists and entrepreneurs in the country. This is the story of J-Lo From The Block.

    📺 Debuts Friday night, October 6th (Check local listings for air times.)

    Photo and “Extraordinary Hispanic Women” description courtesy of TMW Media Group.

    Extraordinary Hispanic Women Who Shaped American History

    Famous Hispanic women in history have inspired countless young women to believe in their dreams. From artists to astronauts and writers to politicians, many great Latina-American history makers have changed the world. This program celebrates notable Hispanic American Women whose influence has touched us in every walk of life. Celebrating the contributions these Latino-American heroes have made to our country helps us find unity in our diversity, strength in our democracy, and an understanding of the rich culture that enriches the fabric of the American dream. These women show us how powerful they are as individuals and how much they have inspired others with their dedication, unshakable drive, and determination.

    📺 Debuts Friday night, October 13th (Check local listings for air times.)

    Photo and “Extraordinary Hispanic Men” description courtesy of TMW Media Group.

    Extraordinary Hispanic Men Who Shaped American History

    Hispanic-Latino Americans belong to one of the most populous, talented ethnic and lingual who have made a big impact in all fields and sectors of life. Join us as we celebrate some of the most influential Hispanic men who are recognized for their achievements in education, politics, science, medicine, exploration, music, literature, and sports. Discover how these inspirational men have helped shape society as we know it today. Featuring Cesar Chavez, Mario Molino, Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Henry Cisneros, Desi Arnaz, Roberto Clemente, Ritchie Valens, Jim Plunkett, Mario Lopez, Ruben Salazar, Carlos Santana, Alex Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Fernando Valenzuela, and Anthony Quinn.

    📺 Debuts Sunday night, October 15th (Check local listings for air times.

    Hispanic Heritage Month*Sources: britannica.com, hispanicheritagemonth.gov, history.com